Whether you are looking to venture into a new business, grow your existing business or you are looking to hear about attractive business opportunities, we have the experience to take you there.

Investment Opportunity Advisory

Peach Consult  offers advisory services to individuals and businesses looking to invest outside the stock market and bonds. We focus on small business opportunities that generate returns higher than major investment index.

Management Consulting

Peach Consult management consulting services team is focused on assisting clients improve their business performance by identifying areas of weaknesses and areas that present opportunities for better performance and then designing and implementing appropriate strategies.

We add value for our clients in both the public and private sectors across their operations by offering tailored propositions and strategies that meet their specific needs.

Deal Advisory

From buying or selling a business, through undertaking due diligence reviews and independent assessments of value, to raising or restructuring equity or debt, Peach Consult deal advisory team seeks to understand clients’ requirement, advocate clients’ position, challenge conventional wisdom, and are progressive and skillful in devising and executing favorable solutions. We have successfully negotiated multimillion-dollar deals within the private sector as well as in private-government sector partnerships.

(Our business advisory services can be structured on fixed or performance-based compensation)